St.Joseph Hospital in Kokomo Now Offers HeartScans

More and more, St.Vincent is offering HeartScans at various locations throughout Indiana. Currently, HeartScans are offered at seven different St.Vincent locations. The newest is St.Joseph Hospital in Kokomo.

A HeartScan can help you identify your risk for heart disease. It’s a simple CT (computed tomography) scan that measures the amount of “calcified” or “hardened” plaque inside the coronary arteries. The scan captures a series of images of the heart, lungs and blood vessels to help a physician determine if a patient has any early warnings of heart disease.

A HeartScan takes only 30 minutes. It’s easy and painless. And it’s just $49 at St.Joseph Hospital in Kokomo and other participating St.Vincent locations. Be sure to ask your doctor if a HeartScan is right for you. Learn more here.

2 thoughts on “St.Joseph Hospital in Kokomo Now Offers HeartScans

  1. I would like to sign up for a Heart Scan, because I have heart disease on my fathers side of the family!!! How do I go about doing this.

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