Nursing Careers

Nursing Careers

As a nurse at St.Vincent Heart Center, you can realize your professional dreams. The hearts that our patients entrust to us symbolize our values. And we need skilled and caring hands to mend those hearts.

We help our nurses be committed, engaged, and offer high quality service by ensuring ratios of no greater than one nurse to every five guests. We also provide our nurses with the opportunity to work with other nursing professionals who share their values and an administration that enables them to feel glad they chose nursing as a profession.

Here are five core values that we live by as team members and as nurses:

  • Holistic Caring. Providing exceptional service to the whole person.
  • Excellence. Continually improving our outcomes and efficiency.
  • Advocacy. Promoting our patients’ interests throughout the continuum of need.
  • Respect. Acknowledging the needs of others and valuing our differences.
  • Teamwork. Working together to realize our Vision and Mission.

Our nurses make it clear why St.Vincent Heart Center is such a great place to work. Here are some of the things they’re saying:

“Every hospital says they have great teamwork, but nowhere is that more true than it is here. We all help each other out and we’ll do whatever it takes to benefit our guests and their families.”

“It’s in the way we all treat each other, with respect but not with kid gloves. You are free to laugh, kid one another, share a laugh — it is just a relaxed feeling that is hard to describe. I never have to be ‘on guard’ or ‘on my best behavior’ — I can just be myself and I am treated like I was taught to treat others. And when the situation gets dicey, the care by the staff and doctors is the best I have seen anywhere!”

“St.Vincent Heart Center enables me to be the kind of nurse that makes me glad I chose nursing.”

“I totally trust my co-workers. Do you know how rare that is among nurses today? St.Vincent Heart Center doesn’t hire just anyone, and I know that if nurses pass the ‘test’ here, they are exceptional nurses.”

“I feel safe here as I work. I have never felt that anywhere else I have worked.”

“I feel like I have a lot of autonomy in the way I practice nursing. Of course, there are rules and I have to follow policy, but within those guidelines, I have a lot of freedom in the way I take care of my guests.”

“This is my family. I love my co-workers and I think they feel the same way.”

“I am supported by my Process Leader (manager) and encouraged to ‘think outside the box’ to help solve problems or issues as they arise.

“I feel like I have some say in how things are done here. My Process Leaders and Team Leaders (managers) listen to me. I feel like I am supported – starting with my Process Leader and going all the way up to Administration.”

“There are so many options for me to be able to work and still be available to my family when they need me. People here understand that Team Members have a life outside of work.”

“I leave each shift feeling positive about the care I give.”

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