ACS/PCI/IHAN/Stent Center of Excellence

Dr. Richard I. Fogel, MD, FACC

As medical technology has advanced, interventional cardiologists at St.Vincent Heart Center have become skilled at treating and diagnosing various problems related to poor circulation with miniaturized tools. And it’s this skill and professionalism that lies at the core of the ACS/PCI/IHAN/Stent Center of Excellence.

The advanced work at the ACS/PCI/IHAN/Stent Center of Excellence requires patience and the mastery of very small tools—sometimes as small as a pencil tip. These tools must be carefully manipulated through the body and navigated with complex imaging equipment. With these techniques, specialists with the ACS/PCI/IHAN/Stent Center of Excellence are truly helping patients from the inside out.

St.Vincent Medical Group surgeons working at St.Vincent Heart Center perform numerous interventional cardiology procedures with less trauma, less pain, and shorter recovery times. Their skill, experience, and outcomes are a large part of what makes us the best heart care in Indiana. Period.

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